Idiom:  take after someone

Two dogs with their three puppies. Each dog is mostly white with either brown or black coloring on their faces and ears. Caption: "Our boys take after their father and our daughter takes after me."


Phrasal verb/Idiom:  take after someone

  • to resemble, look like or have the same qualities as a relative

Example sentences

— My son takes after his grandfather with his musical talent.

— It’s strange but I don’t really take after anyone in my family—everyone is short and has dark hair while I’m tall with blonde hair and green eyes.

— Yes, I know I don't take after anyone in my family. It's because I'm adopted.

— Many people say my daughter takes after me but I don't see it.

— I hope my children don't take after me! I have a huge chin.

— My sister is very talented in sports. She takes after my father's side of the family.

— A: Your ability to learn languages is amazing.  B: Thank you. I take after my grandfather.

— Our son takes after his father in looks but get his brains from me.


  • be the (spitting) image of
  • be a chip off the old block
  • get it from someone (a relative)

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