Idiom:  tickled pink

A pink colored image of hand tickling the stomach of a laughing puppy with the caption: "My son was tickled pink when we got him a pupply."


Idiom:  tickled pink

  • to be very pleased or happy about something
  • to be very amused

Note:  We use this idiom with the verb "be."

To tickle is to lightly touch or stroke someone in a way that makes them laugh or have a slightly uncomfortable or pleasant feeling. You can see the dog is being tickled in the picture.

The origin of this idiom may be related to the rosy pink or red color that can happen to a person's cheeks when they laugh a lot while being tickled.

Example sentences

—  We are tickled pink that our youngest daughter is getting married in June.

—  I was tickled pink when our dog pulled a blanket over the baby to keep it warm.

—  Everyone was tickled pink watching the little ballerinas try to dance at the recital.

—  Our grandson was tickled pink when we gave him a jar of pennies.

—  I think you'll be tickled pink when you find out what your boyfriend sent you.

—  We are tickled pink every time our puppy drags the toilet paper from the bathroom all the way down the hallway.

—  I'm tickled pink that you're coming to watch my performance tonight at the comedy club.

—  I was tickled pink when I got my first bike. I'll never forget it was pink with ribbons tied on the handle bars.

  Was your girlfriend tickled pink when you gave her the gold necklace?

  Our staff was tickled pink when we gave everyone a $100 Amazon gift certificate.


  • tickled to death
  • pleased as punch

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