Idiom:  off the wall

Photo of singer Lady Gaga wearing a cocktail dress, hat and boots made of raw meat. Do you remember Lady Gaga's meat dress from the MTV Video Music Awards? It was truly off the wall.


Idiom:  off the wall

  • strange or unusual

Example sentences

 — As Michael Jackson sang, “live a life off the wall… and just enjoy yourself.”

— You’ve got to see how she decorated her apartment—it’s really off the wall.

— That asymmetrical hairstyle is really off the wall.  Did you cut it yourself?

— The president's comments about injecting disinfectant to kill the Coronavirus were really off the wall, weren't they?

— Lady Gaga's outfits are always off the wall.  Who else would think of wearing a dress made out of meat?

— Well, everything Madonna used to do seemed so off the wall but nowadays it's nothing extra ordinary.

— Our school dances are so boring . Let's try to do something off the wall this time.

— The mural that they painted in the gym is completely off the wall. I have no idea what it means and it's ugly.

— I don't think Sharon never chair another all staff meeting.  Today's meeting was off the wall and everyone was confused.

— Halloween themed weddings used to be off the wall but they're really common these days.

Photo of a hand wearing a plastic cleaning glove and holding a bottle of disinfectant cleaner: President Trump's suggestion to inject disinfectant to fight Coronavirus was really off the wall.


  • out in left field
  • off the rails

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