Idiom:  warts and all

Image of a toad with many wart-like bumps on its skin. Caption: When I was 16, I had a bad temper and my skin looked like a toad's but my high school sweetheart still loved me, warts and all.


Idiom:  warts and all

  • including bad qualities, habits, etc.

Example sentences

— My son is a slob but I love him, warts and all.

— The key to a successful marriage is accepting your spouse, warts and all.

— I'm sorry but I doubt she'd love him warts and all if he wasn't a millionaire.

— I have finally come to accept myself, warts and all.

— His autobiography was truly incredible because he told his life story, warts and all.

— Tell your parents your situation, warts and all, so they can help you.

— Stop sugar coating your past. I want to know you, warts and all.

— Warts and all, it's still the best proposal that we've received this year.

— I bought a used Toyota Corolla. I prefer a reliable car, warts and all, to a huge car payment every month.

— Yes, you want your girlfriend to love you warts and all, but you don't have to display everything about you on the first date.


  • the gory details
  • leave nothing to the imagination
  • without pretense
  • without reserve

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