Idiom:  See Red

An angry man looks through red-colored binocular lenses (idiom "see red" means to be very angry). "The director saw red when he realized our top competitor is renovating the building next door."


Idiom:  see red

  • to be very angry

Example sentences

— My mom saw red when she came home and noticed we’d eaten some cake.

— Uh-oh. That look means my dad’s seeing red about something.

— Whenever anyone challenges my mother about anything she immediately sees red.

— They broke up. I'm afraid James saw red when Sarah insulted his mother and although she apologized, the relationship never recovered.

— When you give the director this month's financial reports you can bet she'll see red.

— My twins could not be more different. One is never upset about anything while the other sees red about everything.

— My right-wing brother sees red at any mention of Hillary Clinton or President Obama.

— Although he didn't walk out, it was obvious that the questions at the post-match press conference made the athlete see red.

— My client is normally calm and gentle but when he witnessed Mr. Johnson stealing from his wallet he saw red and attacked him. 

— The politician saw red when the interviewer repeatedly tried to bring up his drunk driving conviction from 30 years ago. 


  • go into a rage
  • go bananas
  • hit the roof
  • go through the roof
  • lose one's temper
  • go crazy

  • foam at the mouth
  • lose it
  • fly into a temper/rage
  • lose your cool
  • go off the deep end
  • fit to be tied

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