Idiom:  walk someone through something

Guide dog is leading a blind man down the street with example and definition of idiom


Idiom:  walk someone through something

  • to explain how to do something in detail
  • to guide someone carefully or step-by-step about how to do something

The image above of the blind man walking with his guide dog is a good image to remember this idiom. You probably know that guide dogs are trained to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles and help get the person safely to a destination.

So you can easily remember the dog is guiding the person step-by-step, literally one step at a time, to a particular place.

Example sentences

  • Sorry, but I’m terrible with computers. Can you walk me through the software installation and activation?
  • On your first day, we’ll walk you through how to open and close the store.
  • I wish you would've walked Samantha through the budget process. Now we need to go back and fix some of the coding.
  • Who can walk us through the main events of the 2016 US presidential election?
  • Forget those confusing IKEA directions. Get onto YouTube and find a video that will walk you through how to assemble that dresser.
  • Could you walk us through your resume beginning with your work after graduate school?
  • I've walked Karen through QuickBooks at least seven times in the past two weeks and she's not grasping anything.
  • Will anyone be able to walk me through the new registration procedures? They were very complicated last time.
  • In this folder, you'll find standard operating procedures that will walk you through all of our processes.


  • set forth
  • make clear
  • show how

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