Idiom/phrasal verb:  sweater up

Illustration of different sweaters with examples of "sweater up." Sweater up you you're going to catch a cold. Make sure you sweater up tomorrow. The temperature will be below freezing."


Idiom/phrasal verb:  sweater up

  • to put on a sweater in order to stay warm in cold weather

Note: This expression normally refers to a thick, knitted sweater which is very warm. It's the kind of sweater often worn in autumn or winter.

Example sentences

— It's unbelievably cold weather on the mountain so make sure you sweater up.

— There's nothing better than getting sweatered up and roasting marshmallows in front of a bonfire.

— You should have brought a jacket or at least sweatered up. What were you thinking?

— I really love to sweater up in the winter. I can't wait to go shopping at LL Bean for a few new sweaters.

— Since you're moving to Florida, can I have this cable knit sweater? There's no chance you'll have to sweater up there.

— Oh my gosh! Look how cute that little dog is all sweatered up!

— I suggest you wear a lot of different layers instead of getting sweatered up. It will be freezing outside but you'll get too hot when you're inside the meeting.

— My wife gets so cold in winter she's always sweatered up, even in bed.

— I love to sweater up in the winter but these thick ones take up so much room in my closet.  

— My brother took a really cute picture of our kids sweatered up and playing in the leaves. I think I'll use that one for our Christmas cards this year.

— If you take your kids to the indoor rink, I recommend you sweater them up. It's a lot easier to move and skate wearing a sweater than a coat.


  • bundle up

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