Idiom:  drive someone up the wall

Image of a person's hands driving at the wheel of a car against a wall background. Caption: Please don't play your music so loud, you know it drives your father up the wall.


Idiom:  drive someone up the wall

  • to really anger, bother, irritate or annoy someone

Example sentences

— My secretary pops her chewing gum loudly all day long and it absolutely drives me up the wall.

— Please don’t play your music so loud, you know that drives your father up the wall.

— That drip drip drip noise is really driving me up the wall.  If my husband can't fix the leak, I'm calling a plumber tomorrow.  

— Doesn't your girlfriend drive you up the wall speaking in that baby voice all the time?

— I know that rash is driving you up the wall but if you keep scratching it, it will never heal. 

— The hustle and bustle of the city drove my boyfriend up the wall so we had to move to the suburbs.  

— My daughter and her friends giggle all the time and it drives us up the wall

— How can you travel for business every weekend? That would drive me up the wall.

— My parents drive my wife up the wall so we don't visit them very often.

— Stop running around the house, your brother is studying for a test and your driving him up the wall.

— My commute used to drive me up the wall because of the traffic so I've actually loved teleworking during Coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

— My son decided to learn how to play the drums. I know it's going to drive me up the wall but I have to support his dreams.


  • drive you crazy
  • make your blood boil
  • get your goat (slang)
  • drive you insane
  • get on your nerves
  • piss someone off (rude, slang)
  • Get in your hair
  • get under your skin
  • rub you the wrong way

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