Idiom:  in good (safe) hands

Image of hands holding a wooden heart in doctor's hands next to a stethoscope depicting the idiom "in good hands."


Idiom:  in good (safe) hands

  • being well taken care of or managed very carefully

Example sentences

— When I leave my dog at the kennel, I know he’s in good hands  because I can see him on videocam and there’s always someone with him.

— I thought getting a financial adviser would keep my money in safe hands but it’s been the opposite case.

— Don't worry, you're in good hands. The doctor is extremely skilled and experienced with this type of surgery.

— I recommend that you go on an escorted tour when your travel through Egypt. It's very reassuring to feel like you're in safe hands when traveling in a foreign country.

— When the police called to let us know the rescuers had found our daughter's Girl Scout troop and that they were in safe hands, we collapsed with joy and relief.

— I hate how my ex-husband drives and my children only feel like they're in good hands when their stepmother is behind the wheel.

— It's hard to feel like you're in safe hands when traveling on Amtrak because their safety record is so poor and they've had several fatal accidents recently.

— Our babysitter has been watching our children for the past 8 years and it's reassuring to know they're in good hands every day after school.


  • under someone's wing
  • safe and sound
  • in safe hands

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