Idiom:  safety in numbers

A lion walks through herds of various herds illustrating the idea that there's safety in numbers and that any single animal is less likely to be attacked by other animals in the crowd.


idiom:  (there is/there's) safety in numbers

  • being in a group offers security and protection

Example sentences

  • In the wild, animals travel in packs and herds because there’s safety in numbers.
  • I prefer to go to parties with a group of friends because there’s safety in numbers.
  • When protesting an authority, there's definitely more safety in numbers.
  • When you hike, please go with a group. There's safety in numbers and you will be less likely to get lost and have support if you fall or get injured.
  • We always travel in small groups since there's safety in numbers.
  • My daughter likes to run at night but after someone followed her, she realized there's safety in numbers and won't run alone anymore.
  • C'mon, I can't go out without you tonight! Remember, there's safety in numbers.
  • When I moved to Eastern Europe, I didn't speak the local languages so I really felt like there was safety in numbers.
  • I hate having to walk by the construction site by myself. When I'm with other people I feel like there's safety in numbers and no one yells sexist things at me.
  • Please stay with the group. There's safety in numbers.
  • There safety in numbers but at the same time, we keep the number of people in our travel group small so that we don't draw attention to ourselves.

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