Idiom:  Pig Out

A happy pig sits on a cushion eating chips, ice cream and drinking a soda. The caption includes the definition of "pig out" and an example: This weekend I watched Netflix and pigged out on junk food.

Pig out idiom

Look at the picture and try to guess the meaning of the idiom 'pig out.'   

Pig out:   to eat too much of something at one time.


Pigs like to eat and they will eat a lot and keep eating if you keep feeding them. Unfortunately, we humans will also overeat, especially if given a chance to eat sweat, savory or salty foods.

When we specify the food that we eat too much of we add the preposition "on" to the phrase. For example, I usually pig out on ice cream during the summer.


  • We totally pigged out at the holiday party. There was a huge buffet and dessert bar and I had to try a bit of everything.      
  • I always pig out when I go on vacation and come home at least 10 pounds heavier.  
  • Yesterday we pigged out at happy hour on buffalo wings and beer.
  • My kids don't get a chance to pig out on Halloween candy because I took it away from them and only let them have 1-2 pieces at a time.
  • I don't understand how you can be so thin when you constantly pig out on junk food! 
  • It was disgusting and embarrassing how you pigged out at the pizza party today.
  • My favorite foods to pig out on are ice-cream, pizza and cookies.
  • My son threw up after pigging out on five cupcakes.
  • Since I've had gastric sleeve surgery to make my stomach smaller I can't ever pig out on food again or I could get very sick.
  • She may look like a little princess but she can really pig out if you give her a chance.
  • I need to get some more snacks for tonight because my boys like to pig out while watching the football game.
  • I gained 12 pounds on our vacation because I felt obligated to pig out at every meal since food and drinks were included in the price.
  • Last night we just stayed home, watched Netflix and pigged out on chips and salsa.
  • I always know when it's that time of the month for my girlfriend because she pigs out on chocolate.
  • My daughter pigs out whenever she's depressed.
  • I went for a long run today so I could pig out when we go out tonight.

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