Idiom:  one’s name in lights

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Idiom:  one’s name in lights

  • to be famous for one's accomplishments, especially as a performer.

Note:  This is in reference to the brightly lit marquees in front of theaters that have the names of the actors in a performance

Example sentences

  • Every actor's dream is to see his or her name in lights on Broadway.
  • I know you don't believe me but you're so talented I know that one day I'm going to see your name in lights.
  • Let me guess. You're dreaming of seeing your name in lights again.
  • Even though it was a local theater, it was amazing to see my name in lights.
  • You're really going to be amazed when you see your name in lights outside the arena.
  • I was able to take a selfie with my name in lights outside Ford's theater.
  • Before my daughter's ballet show, we took a family photo under her name in lights.
  • We knew you had made it big when we saw your name in lights in New York.
  • When our son made it into the first round of the US Open, we were so proud to see his name in lights outside the court entrance.


  • make it big
  • put someone on the map
  • make a name for oneself

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