Idiom:  drive (someone) crazy

Couple in a car: "This music is driving me crazy. Can I change the channel?"


Idiom:  drive (someone) crazy

  • to greatly annoy or irritate someone

Example sentences

  • These commercials are driving me crazy. I wish I could watch the game without interruptions every two minutes.
  • What are our neighbors doing upstairs? The noise is driving me crazy.
  • This music is really driving me crazy. Could we change the channel?
  • Having twins is driving my brother crazy. He already has three boys.
  • Work is driving me crazy right now. I have to stop working overtime or I will start to get burnt out.
  • Our youngest daughter is driving her sister crazy. She's ten and her 16-year-old sister is not interested in spending a lot of time with her anymore.
  • All of these stupid questions are driving me crazy. We need to create a good FAQ to refer clients to.
  • A:  Doesn't the two-hour commute to work drive you crazy? B: No, I just listen to podcasts and also I'm learning Chinese.


  • drive someone nuts
  • drive someone to distraction
  • drive someone mad
  • hit / touch a nerve
  • hit / touch a raw nerve
  • drive someone out of their mind
  • get in someone's hear
  • drive someone up the wall

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