Idiom:  go to waste

Pictures of perfectly good food in trash bins: Half the guests didn't come to our party so most of the food went to waste.


Idiom:  go to waste

  • to not be used
  • to squander or miss an opportunity

Example sentences

  • When the Native American Indians killed a buffalo absolutely nothing went to waste.
  • Our new apartment has a small refrigerator so now we can't buy many groceries and nothing goes to waste.
  • Don't let this opportunity to network at the conference go to waste! Bring lots of business cards and practice your elevator speech.
  • I grew up with a poverty mindset. My mother wouldn't even let a rubber band go to waste.
  • We never let our gala leftovers go to waste. Our local food banks come by to collect and redistribute the food to the needy.
  • Instead of letting the last 30 minutes go to waste, let's write up the meeting summary.
  • Don't let Friday afternoon go to waste. It's the perfect time to work on your research paper.
  • Are you going to let these bananas go to waste? I could make banana bread for you.
  • When you have a newborn you cannot afford to let the time when your baby is sleeping go to waste. Use that time wisely.
  • Half the guests didn't come to our party so most of the food went to waste.


  • throw away
  • pour down the drain

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