Idiom:  up for grabs

The bride holds her bouquet in the air and the wedding guests' hands are stretched out, ready to catch it.


Idiom:  up for grabs

  • possible for anyone to have
  • available and ready for anyone to take

Example sentences

— Apple just announced a contest and a new MacBook is up for grabs.

— There are some gently-used ski jackets up for grabs in the staff lounge if anyone is interested.

— Did you hear there are prizes up for grabs at Friday's Happy Hour? Management is desperately trying to persuade people to attend.

— What's up for grabs at tomorrow's auction?

— McDonald's annual Monopoly contest had millions in cash and prizes up for grabs

— The director has resigned so his position is up for grabs and everyone is scrambling to apply.

— No, the contract fell through and the house is still up for grabs if you want to submit a bid.

— Eliud Kipchoge has already won the marathon but second and third place are still up for grabs with eight runners in contention in the final mile.

— We've won a new contract and have hired a project director but the rest of the positions are still up for grabs.

— There are 34 U.S. Senate seats up for grabs in the regular 2022 election.


  • on the market
  • up for sale
  • on deck
  • on offer

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