Idiom:  keep a close watch

Two men stare over a fence depicting the idiom "keep a close watch on/over someone." Caption: We asked our neighbors to keep a close watch over our house while we're at the beach."


Idiom:  keep a close watch on/over someone/something

  • To carefully observe or monitor a situation for problems or changes

Note:  You can also say "keep a watch" or "keep watch"

Example sentences

— Could you please water my plants and keep a close watch on my house while I am away?

— Something is strange and I don't know what it is but I’m going to keep a close watch over my 13-year-old from now on.

— Keep a close watch over the sauce and to make sure it simmers and doesn't boil.

— We're keeping a close watch on the stock market for any opportunities.

— You could tell the security guards at the airport were keeping a close watch out for someone.

— My doctor found a suspicious mole on my back but for now he's just going to keep a close watch over it.

— Can you please keep a close watch out for the director? I need to get her to sign this agreement as soon as she's back in the office.

— Our driver will keep a close watch out for your arrival. What time does your train arrive and what are you wearing?


  • keep an eye out
  • look after
  • keep (a) watch

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