Idiom:  idiom drive someone nuts

A dog is licking a cat on the face. The cat says, "That little think you call is dog is driving me nuts. Caption: Our puppy constantly barks and plays with everything. It's driving our cat nuts.


Idiom:  idiom drive someone nuts

  • to make someone very annoyed or bothered

Example sentences

— What is that noise? It's driving me nuts

— Your constant complaining drives me nuts.

— My colleague Sandy cracks her gum all afternoon and it drives everyone nuts.

— My brother recently started sucking on a toothpick every day and it's driving me nuts.

— The smelly foods some of you are heating up in the microwave oven are driving your colleagues nuts. Please be considerate or we will have to remove the microwave.

— Everything I do drives you nuts! Maybe we should break up.

— Our receptionist often whistles and it drives the director nuts. She's asked me to tell him to stop but I kind of like it.

— I hate the sound of all of the leaf blowers in the fall. It just drives me nuts.

— That perfume you're wearing is going to drive everyone at church nuts. Why did you spray so much all over yourself?

— This is the third time this week that mom has cooked a vegan meal for dinner and it's driving our family nuts.


  • drive someone crazy
  • drive someone up the wall
  • make someone's blood boil
  • get under someone's skin
  • drive someone insane

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