Idiom:  squirrel away

A squirrel is digging a hole to bury a pile of acorns (idiom "squirrel away"). Example: I'm squirreling away money each paycheck so we can take the kids to Disney next summer.


Idiom:  squirrel away

  • To hide, save or put things away to use in the future.
  • to put in a safe or secret place for future use.

Note:   This is like a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter.

Example sentences

— She squirreled away money each month to buy a new car. 

— If you're just squirreling away various English learning materials instead of using them, you'll never improve your English.

— How did you squirrel away all of these vintage hairclips?

— The reason we couldn't find any Post-It notes is because Sandra squirreled them away in her desk.

— We never have any money for vacations so I'm secretly squirreling away a little money from each paycheck so we can take our kids to Disney World next summer.

— Are you squirreling away shot glasses from all of your travels overseas? There must be 100 glasses in this drawer!

— Our daughter was slowly squirreling away cigarettes from the packs my husband keeps on the kitchen counter. Then she'd sell them before football games at her school.

— Can I ask why you're squirreling away various jars full of rubber bands and paper clips?

— I'm squirreling away as many stamps as I can. It's almost time to send Christmas cards.

— My sister is so cool. She squirreled away a bunch of candy in my duffel bag so I had something good to eat it while I was at camp this summer.

— One of my wife's secret pleasures is squirreling away all of the travel-sized toiletries we get when we're on vacation.


  • store up
  • stock up
  • stash away
  • sock away

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