Idiom:  waste away

A very thin elderly man in a wheelchair: My great grandfather began to waste away after he turned 100 years old.


Idiom:  waste away

  • to slowly become thin and weak
  • to decline or deteriorate

Example sentences

  • After my grandma died, my grandfather didn’t want to eat and began to waste away.
  • After I got cancer, I started wasting away until I began drinking these high-calorie nutritious shakes.
  • When my son started wasting away, we never suspected it was because of anorexia because we didn't think boys developed eating disorders.
  • When I go mononucleosis, I first thought it was great to lose so much weight but when you waste away you lose a lot of muscle too and just feel terribly weak.
  • My best friend wasted away when he got treated for colon cancer.
  • Please go into a treatment program. You're going to waste away if you don't stop the drugs.
  • The refugees were wasting away during their journey from Africa to Europe.
  • My aunt went from obese to wasting away in just six months. I wish she could just be healthy.


  • go hungry
  • melt away
  • break down

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