Idiom:  in demand

Grocery shelves in the refrigerated section are empty except for two salads. Caption


Idiom:  in demand

  • something that is needed or desired by many people
  • popular and wanted

Example sentences

— What kinds of new college graduates are in demand with private companies these days?

— Hotel rooms in France are really in demand in July so you may need to book one 6-12 months in advance. 

— Full-figured and ethnic models are more and more in demand each year.

— Sorry, we don't sell roasted chestnuts anymore since they're no longer in demand with our clientele.

— Before we go any further, can I confirm that we've done a survey to find out which flavors are in demand?

— I'd like to buy my daughter a new purse for her birthday. Which designer brands are in demand these days?

— I thought little black dresses were always in demand but I've been shopping all day and can't find a simple and elegant one.

— Homemade greeting cards are in demand again because it shows a very personal touch to send notes through the post these days.

— Our menu changes each month depending on what's in season and also what's in demand.


  • in vogue
  • sought-after

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