Idiom:  wait tables

A photo of a waiter putting plates of food on table for his customers and the idiom definition and example:  "my feet hurt after waiting tables all weekend."


Idiom:  wait tables

  • to serve customers food and beverages in a restaurant or cafe

Example sentences

  • I waited tables for five years to pay expenses while I was in college.
  • If you work at a fancy, upscale restaurant you can make great tips waiting tables but it’s really hard work.
  • Waiting tables is a popular job for students and artists.
  • I really don’t recommend waiting tables. I seriously injured my back carrying heavy trays of food when I was a waiter.
  • Waiting tables is actually really fun at the right restaurant.
  • My feet hurt so much after waiting tables all weekend.
  • I waited tables for awhile until I saw how much the bartenders were making.
  • Not only do I wait tables, but I'm also the hostess and busboy right now because we are short staffed. It sucks!
  • After college, I had to wait tables for almost a year before I found an office job.
  • I used to wait tables but now I make much more money in tips working behind the bar.
  • I just started as a busboy and hope to get promoted to waiting tables within six months.
  • It's unbelievable how men think they can talk to me suggestively when I wait tables.
  • All my friends are working really hard waiting tables while I'm making easy money as an Instagram influencer.


  • wait on someone

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