Idiom:  the dead of winter

An SUV car is completely frozen in ice: My boss expects me to drive to work in the dead of winter but today I proved it's impossible.


Idiom:  the dead of winter

  • during the coldest part of the winter

Example sentences

— I hate waking up in the dark in the dead of winter and having to get out of my warm bed.

— I moved to South Florida because even in the dead of winter it doesn't get cold.

— Last year there was a huge snow storm and our heating went out for a week in the dead of winter so we purchased a generator.

— We have two Bernese Mountain Dogs and they love the dead of winter.

— I'm sure you'll be really happy you have an SUV during the dead of winter.

— Due to several deaths last year, a law was just passed that prevents the utilities company from turning off customers' heating during the dead of winter.

— I used to have a newspaper route but it was so hard to get up and deliver papers in the dead of winter that I quit after the first year.

— I love cross country skiing, ice-skating and curling so the dead of winter is my favorite time of year actually.

— Make sure that you keep a flashlight, blanket, and the other emergency supplies in your car in the dead of winter.

— Our next-door neighbors toddler walked out of the house in her pajamas in the dead of winter so the entire community rallied together and found her within 45 minutes.

— Your boyfriend is not coming to visit you in the dead of winter. It's too dangerous. You can talk by phone.

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