Idiom:  jazz something / someone up


Idiom:  jazz something up (jazz up something) / jazz someone up (jazz up someone)

  • to make something or someone more interesting, appealing, exciting or stylish

Example sentences

  • The barista jazzed up my hot cocoa with a cute spider web.
  • I love how French women dress. They know just how to jazz a simple outfit up with something very unique.
  • What time can we get into the gym tomorrow afternoon? We need to jazz it up for the school dance.
  • This PowerPoint presentation is too boring. Could you jazz it up with a few animations please?
  • I feel awful about Sandy's baby shower. The least they could've done was jazz the room up with some balloons or streamers.
  • My daughter likes to jazz up her notebook with cute stickers.
  • At first, I was embarrassed I was the only one who got jazzed up for the party but everyone complimented me on how lovely I looked so I'm glad I made the effort.

Our Christmas tree before and after we jazzed it up with lights for the holidays.


  • gussy up
  • spruce up
  • dress up
  • add finishing touches

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A lot of people I know get  jazzed up to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve. Sometimes at bars and cafes, the bartenders will jazz up drinks with fruit, olives and umbrellas.

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