Idiom:  That's a Wrap

A visual of a filming clapperboard with the definition of the idiom "that's a wrap" and a sentence example: After 12 seasons of filming, it's a wrap.


Idiom:  that's a wrap / it's a wrap

This idiom is used to say something is finished.

Note: It's often used to indicate the ending of the filming of a video, television, movie scene or show.

Sentence examples

— After six months of filming, the actors cheered when the director said, "That's a wrap."

— Folks, it's a wrap. The conference was a immense success and I appreciate all of your hard work.

— A:  Can we go home soon?  B: Yes, it's a wrap. You can go home now.

— Well, that's a wrap. I cannot believe that was my last college exam.

— Everyone, that's a wrap. Thanks for coming. Tomorrow, we'll be contacting the finalists by email for the second round of auditions.

— After just six episodes, I'm afraid it's a wrap. Unfortunately, the show didn't resonate with viewers.

— The photographer shot photos for almost four hours and we thought he would never say that's a wrap.

— We'll shoot the scene 50 times if necessary. It's not a wrap until I'm satisfied.

— It was already past 2 AM when the film crew was told it was a wrap.

— Did you hear Maria Sharapova announced it's a wrap on her tennis career today?

— I really want to see "Wicked" on Broadway before it's a wrap. Can you get us tickets?


  • done and dusted
  • all done
  • that's that
  • in the can
  • mission accomplished

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