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Idiom: Knuckle down (meaning & examples)

The idiom "knuckle down" means to work very hard or seriously on a task. Here are some sentence examples to help make the meaning clear...

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Idiom: Not know whether to laugh or cry (meaning & examples)

The idiom "not know whether to laugh or cry" means to be very upset and frustrated about something. Here are some sentence examples of this English phrase...

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Idiom: Not know where to turn (meaning & examples)

The idiom "not know where to turn" means to not know what to do in a situation. These sentence examples will make the meaning of this phrase clear...

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Idiom: Not know what hit you (meaning & examples)

The idiom "not know what hit you" to be shocked and confused about something surprising that happens to you. Here are some sentence examples of this phrase...

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Herbs and Spices Vocabulary

Practice this herbs and spices vocabulary by watching the video for the correct pronunciation and downloading the puzzles ebook.

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Family Vocabulary in Pictures

Learn family vocabulary by going through this family tree video. Pretend you're the dude with the beard and you'll learn how everyone is related to you.

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English Illnesses Vocabulary

This illnesses vocabulary reviews many common aches and pains in pictures and with a video that helps with English pronunciation. Then practice with puzzles.

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Cleaning Supplies Vocabulary

Learn cleaning supplies vocabulary with the help of pictures and a video so you can hear the correct pronunciation. Download the free puzzles ebook to practice.

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Idiom: Tie the knot (meaning & examples)

The idiom "tie the knot" means to get married. Read lots of examples of this idiom in sentences to learn how this common idiom is used in English.

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Learn English Fruit Vocabulary

This fruit vocabulary page has a video and pictures to help you learn and remember these sweet words. Grab your free vocabulary puzzles e-book here too.

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Shapes Vocabulary

This shapes vocabulary includes pictures and a video to help with correct pronunciation. Also get your free puzzles ebook to practice vocabulary on 25 topics.

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Household Appliances Vocabulary

This English household appliances vocabulary covers the essential electric appliances found in the home. The video aids with pronunciation. Let's get started!

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Personal Electronics Vocabulary

This personal electronics vocabulary covers basic appliances, especially those we use for grooming. You can also hear the vocabulary pronounced in the video.

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Education and School Vocabulary

This school vocabulary includes more than 40 useful words related to education. A video helps you with pronunciation practice. Grab your free puzzles eBook too!

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Learning English words is fun

Videos and pictures make learning English words much easier so that's the approach we take here. Learn words about the body plus 25 other essential topics.

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English Bathroom Vocabulary

Learn bathroom vocabulary through pictures and a video that let's you hear the words pronounced correctly.Let's get started.

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English Alphabet

Here's the English Alphabet illustrated with pictures plus a video recording to help you pronounce the letters correctly.

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English Clothing Vocabulary

Learn clothing vocabulary in English by looking at pictures and hearing the words pronounced in the video. Get your free puzzles ebook here too!

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Musical Instruments Vocaulary

Learn musical instruments vocabulary with pictures and a video to help with pronunciation. There are many other vocabulary sets here as well. Enjoy!

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Idiom: Know where you stand (meaning & examples)

The idiom "know where you stand" means to has a good understanding of a situation or what someone thinks of you. Here are some sentence examples...

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Idiom: Know better (meaning & examples)

The idiom "know better" means to know how to behave in an appropriate way or to know more about something than someone else. Here are some examples...

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Idiom: In the know (meaning & examples)

The idiom "in the know" means to have inside information or be well-informed about something. These examples will help make the meaning clear...

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Idiom: Before you know it (meaning & examples)

The idiom "before you know it" very soon or in a very short period of time. Here are several sentence examples to help you clearly understand this phrase...

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Idiom: The world is your oyster (Meaning & examples)

The idiom "the world is your oyster" is used to say that you can do anything or go anywhere you want in life. Here are some sentence examples of this idiom...

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English Hair Care Vocabulary

Learn all the basic hair care vocabulary with video and pictures. This is just one of many pages helping you learn practical English vocabulary.

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English Pets Vocabulary

Learn English pets vocabulary with pictures and video to help with pronunciation. Popular pets and pet supplies are included.

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Real Estate & Places Vocabulary

Learn the most common real estate and places vocabulary with video and pictures. Definitions are also given so you can practice reading the descriptions.

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Learn English Occupations Vocabulary

Professions or occupations vocabulary can be very helpful when introducing yourself and meeting others. Watch the video to learn correct pronunciation.

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Dental Vocabulary

Learn English dental vocabulary as well as hear the words pronounced correctly. There are many other helpful word lists to build your vocabulary.

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English Astrology Vocabulary

Learn astrology vocabulary including the zodiac and many words relating to personal characteristics and qualities. Learning English can be fun and practical!

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Sea Creatures Vocabulary

This sea creatures vocabulary puzzle is a fun way to learn new words. It's inspired by the Underwater Astonishments TED Talk, which you can listen to here.

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ESL Baby Vocabulary

Learn English baby vocabulary with pictures and sound. There are many other vocabulary sets on this site with video and photos to make learning easy and fun!

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English Beverages Vocabulary

This beverages vocabulary is part of a series of important English words every learner should know. A video and pictures makes it easy master these words.

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Vegetable Vocabulary

Learn English vegetable vocabulary with pictures and audio for students learning English as a second language. Learn other vocabulary here too!

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Learn the English Colors

Your guide to English colors with a video to help pronunciation and lots of different shades of color. Expand your vocabulary easily.

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Learn English Animals Vocabulary

This animals vocabulary list covers the basics. Watch the video to hear the names pronounced and see pictures of each animal to practice.

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Kitchen Appliances Vocabulary

This kitchen appliances vocabulary video and pictures help you easily learn and pronounce these English words.

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Idiom List of Important American Expressions

This idiom list provides many helpful definitions and examples. "Let's face facts" idioms are important so "don't drag your feet." Let's get started now!

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Past Perfect in English

Learn how to form the past perfect including affirmative and negative statements and questions. Examples and an irregular past participles list are given.

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Idiom: Make off with something (meaning & examples)

Learn the meaning of the idiom "make off with something" with lots of examples. You'll find many other important idioms here to help your English sound natural.

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Cosmetics vocabulary

Learn English cosmetics vocabulary (makeup vocabulary) and a variety of other topics by looking at pictures. You get audio to help your pronunciation as well.

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Most Common W Idioms

W idioms list. Do idioms “drive you up the WALL?” I'm sure you'll “WARM up to idioms” when you learn you only need to understand them rather than use them.

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Idiom: While the Cats Away the Mice Will Play (meaning & examples)

Learn the meaning of the idiom "while the cats away" with lots of sentence examples to help you understand and remember this popular English phrase.

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List of L idioms

This list of L idioms includes many frequently used idiomatic expressions in American English. You'll find idioms from other letters of the alphabet here too!

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List of V idioms

This V idioms list includes definitions and examples for idioms where the main word starts with a "v." Idioms starting with other letters can be found too.

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All about the Present Simple Tense

Learn present simple tense form and usage including positive, negative and short forms as well as questions. Practice with fun exercises too.

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List of Common P Idioms

Check out this P idioms list. Do you think idioms are “a PAIN in the neck” to learn? Don’t “PUSH the panic button.” Click here for help. Let's get started!

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List of U Idioms

"As usual" this list of U idioms contains common idioms beginning with the letter "U." Don't worry, all of the other letters of the alphabet are also covered.

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List of common R idioms

A list of common R idioms: “In REALITY” idioms can be tricky but “REST assured” that if you study just a few each week you’ll happily “REAP what you sow.”

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