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This Q idioms list is very short because there aren't many words beginning with the letter Q. As you can see, each idiom on this list has a main word that begins with the letter "Q." If you're interested, I've also covered the other letters of the alphabet: click here to go to the main idioms page

First things first:  remember that an idiom is a group of words whose meaning is different from the individual words if you looked them up separately in the dictionary.

Now, let's take a look at the most popular Q idioms. There is "no question" you can learn this list quickly since there aren't too many.

Q Idioms


(in) a quandary:  in a situation where you are confused and don’t know what to do. 

  • Example:  He’s in a quandary about whether to spend $100,000 on business school or just try to start his own business and learn from experience.


in close quarters:  being together with others in a small space.

  • Example:  After having my own room and bathroom my whole life it’s been challenging to live in close quarters with roommates at the dorm.


beyond question:  there is no doubt about something.

  • Example:  My parents’ good intention is beyond question but they’re wrong to make me come home early just because I’m a girl.

call into question (call something into question):  to make something uncertain or doubtful;  to question something.

  • Example:  These recent test scores call into question whether you can handle working part-time and still get good grades.

in question:  1) under consideration;  2) in dispute.

  • There are two proposals in question and we hope to select one of them by the end of today’s meeting.
  • There’s no problem with the product itself.  It’s the customer service that’s in question.

no question:  definitely, without any doubt.

  • Example:  There's no question that my boss is pregnant—she is throwing up in the bathroom every morning and is very sensitive to smells.

out of the question:  impossible; not to be considered.

  • Example:  My parents said a trip to Europe is out of the question until I’m 18 years old.

pop the question:  to propose marriage (ask someone to marry).

  • Example:  I need to think of a really romantic way to pop the question to my girlfriend.

without question:  definitely, without any doubt.

  • Example:  Without question this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted — could you share the recipe?

no questions asked not needing to provide additional information.

  • Example:  This store has the best return policy!  They let me return the shoes with no questions asked, even after I wore them.


quick on the uptake:  to be able to understand something very quickly.

  • Example:  I already explained that to her twice. This new secretary is not quick on the uptake.


quiet as a mouse:  very quiet and/or shy.

  • Example:  My twins couldn’t be more different:  one is a gregarious cheerleader and the other is quiet as a mouse.


quite a bit:  a lot of;  much.

  • Example:  She wanted to marry a man with quite a bit of money so she found someone who was 20 years older.

quite a few:  many.

  • Example:  You have quite a few boyfriends, don’t you?

quite a lot:  many, much.

  • Example:  I’m sorry I can’t go out tonight I’ve got quite a lot of homework to do.

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