Idiom:  quick on the uptake


Idiom:  quick on the uptake

  • to be able to understand something very quickly

Example sentences

— I already explained that to her twice. This new secretary is not quick on the uptake.

— Although I don’t have much experience, I believe I can do this job because one of my best qualities is that I’m quick on the uptake.

— My mom is a genius but not quick on the uptake when it comes to electronics.

— Little kids are quick on the uptake using gadgets. When I need help on the computer, I ask my 12-year-old for assistance.

— Your assistant is really quick on the uptake. I don't have to repeat instructions twice.

— Please assign Sara to the project since we'll need to establish new procedures. She's always quick on the uptake.

— Thank you for your help. I'm impressed with how quick you were on the uptake.


  • sharp as a tack
  • on the ball
  • a quick study
  • no dummy


  • slow on the uptake

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