Idiom:  quite a bit


Idiom:  quite a bit

  • a lot of
  • much

Note: We use "quite a bit" with uncountable nouns. Use "quite a few" with countable nouns. 

Example sentences

— There has been quite a bit of crime in my neighborhood so I've decided to move to a new apartment.

— She wanted to marry a man with quite a bit of money so she found someone who was 20 years older.

— It’s cloudy here on weekends so we go skiing up in the mountains where there’s quite a bit  of sunshine above the clouds.

— There's quite a bit of cake left if you'd like another slice.

— Doctor, I've had quite a bit of anxiety the past few months and I wonder if you can give me something for it.

— We've had quite a bit of rain this spring so it's really green with flowers everywhere.

— My dog sheds quite a bit of hair during the summer so I bought a tiny little vacuum cleaner to help keep my apartment clean.

— I really liked that movie quite a bit. Have you seen it?

— There's quite a bit of static on this line. Hang up the phone and I'll call you right back.


  • buckets of something
  • oodles of something
  • a good many

  • an awful lot of
  • a great deal of
  • a ton of
  • tons of
  • loads of

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