Idiom:  quite a few


Idiom:  quite a few

  • many
  • a large number

Note:  We use "quite a few" with countable nouns and "quite a bit" with uncountable nouns. (e.g., You've gained quite a few pounds, haven't you? Yes, I've gained quite a bit of weight).

Example sentences

— You have quite a few boyfriends, don’t you?

— I was late quite a few times to work so my boss just gave me a written warning.

— Wow, your sister has lost quite a few pounds since I last saw her. She's hot!

— We've received quite a few complaints about your service so we'd like to do some retraining this week.

— The last time it snowed we had quite a few inches and school was cancelled.

— I went to quite a few concerts last summer but I don't have the money this year.

— Did you know there are quite a few foxes in this neighborhood?

— I'm hoping during the summer break we'll be able to get together quite a few times.

— Rafael Nadal has won quite a few Grand Slams, hasn't he?

— Let's open the shop a few minutes early. There are quite a few customers lined up in front of the store.

— I love this dress. I get quite a few compliments whenever I wear it.


  • quite a number of something
  • oodles of something
  • an awful lot
  • loads of
  • a great deal of something
  • a good many
  • a ton of
  • tons of

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