Idiom:  without question


Idiom:  without question

  • definitely, without any doubt

Example sentences

— Without question, this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted—could you share the recipe?

— Look at those black clouds!  It’s going to storm in the next 15 minutes, without question.

— My daughter is without question the most beautiful baby in the world.

— This is, without question, the worst traffic jam I've ever been in. It would have been faster to walk.

— We're going to have to move. Our neighbors are without question the loudest family I've every heard.

— Without question, you're going to get into an Ivy League college. Your grades and test scores are in the top 5%.

— My youngest child is without question the most talented and everyone knows it.

— Last year, we tried to manage without extra help but without question, we need volunteers this year.


  • without (a) doubt
  • no question
  • beyond question

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