Idiom:  call into question


Idiom:  call into question (call something into question)

  1. to make something uncertain
  2. to cause something to be viewed with doubt

Example sentences

— These recent test scores call into question whether you can handle working part-time and still get good grades.

— The new accountant called our procedures for documenting travel expenses into question because they don't follow standard protocols.

— The rainy weather has called Friday's picnic into question.

— New studies have called the safety of the drug into question.

— Your recent erratic behavior calls into question whether you can handle the responsibilities of the project manager position.

— Witness testimony has called into question whether the plaintiff's accusations are true.

— The extremely poor third quarter earnings have called the companies future into question.

— Your recent grades call into question whether you can work part-time and still maintain your grades at school.

— Your lack of preparation for the test calls into question how serious you are about going to college next fall.

— President Trump has called the election results into question but so far no evidence of deliberate voter fraud has been found.


  • bring / throw into question
  • shake someone's belief / confidence / faith in something
  • cast doubt on / about / over something

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