Idiom:  quiet as a mouse


Idiom:  (as) quiet as a mouse

  • very quiet and/or shy

Example sentences

— My twins couldn’t be more different:  one is a gregarious cheerleader and the other is quiet as a mouse.

— Whenever my five-year-old is quiet as a mouse I know he's doing something he shouldn't be doing.

— What's going on with the director? She's been quiet as a mouse at the staff meetings.

— Normally I'm talkative but when I go on dates I'm as quiet as a mouse.

— When our teacher said we were having a pop quiz the students got quiet as a mouse.

— Is something wrong? You're as quiet as a mouse today.

— When I asked my boyfriend if I could meet his parents he was suddenly quiet as a mouse.

— Everyone was complaining we don't have social activities but when I asked for volunteers to organize a party everyone got quiet as a mouse.

— When I asked my daughter how her boyfriend was doing she was quiet as a mouse.

— I'll have to call you right back. My two-year old is quiet as a mouse so he must be into something.


  • not hear a squeak from/out of someone
  • you could hear a pin drop

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