Idiom:  no questions asked


Idiom:  no questions asked

  • not needing to provide additional information

Example sentences

— This store has the best return policy!  They let me return the shoes with no questions asked, even after I wore them.

— My parents don’t want me to drive if I’m drunk so I can call them for a ride at any hour, no questions asked.

— I thought you said I could go out after I turned 18, no questions asked.

— If the course doesn't meet your needs, you can cancel within the first month and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

— The principal announced that if the thief returns the statue immediately, there'll be no questions asked.

— To whomever took the laptop: You have until midnight to return it, no questions asked. After that, we're calling the police.

— You can drop off unwanted pets at the animal shelter, no questions asked.

— I was able to get a refund without a receipt, no questions asked.

— My boss let's me work as I please. As long as the work get's done, there's no questions asked.

Antonyms (opposite meaning)

  • give someone the third degree
  • grill someone
  • cross-examine someone
  • put someone through the mill

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