Idiom:  quite a lot


Idiom:  quite a lot (of something)

  • many
  • much

Example sentences

— I’m sorry I can’t go out tonight I’ve got quite a lot of homework to do.

— You’ve got quite a lot of mileage on your car for only having it one year.

— I saw Hidden Figures  last night and I liked the movie quite a lot.

— I've got quite a lot of friends in California because I went to college there.

— The coffee shop downstairs in our building has quite a lot of different teas as well as specialty coffee drinks.

— We had quite a lot of snow this year so we're all excited for spring to arrive.

— He'll have quite a lot to think about while he's in jail.

— I wish I'd done laundry this weekend. Now I've got quite a lot to do next weekend.

— Wow, you have quite a lot of homework for someone in elementary school.

— There is quite a lot of wildlife in your neighborhood including deer, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, owls, hawks and cranes.


  • quite a number of something
  • quite a few
  • buckets of something
  • oodles of something
  • a good many

  • a ton of
  • tons of
  • loads of
  • a great deal of
  • an awful lot

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