Idiom:  in close quarters


Idiom:  in close quarters

  • being together with others in a small space

Example sentences

— After having my own room and bathroom my whole life it’s been challenging to live in close quarters with roommates at the dorm.

— The disadvantage of the city apartment is living in close quarters with my family—but I love being able to walk everywhere and the excitement of city life.

— The refugees live in close quarters in the camp.

— Living in close quarters on the ship wasn't as difficult as I'd expected.

— We'll be in very close quarters at the music festival but it's only for three days.

— Many new immigrants live in close quarters because they can't afford their own apartments.

— New zoning laws have passed to prevent renters from living in close quarters.

— There were so many of us interns working in close quarters, everyone had to share desks.

— It's been so difficult for my family during Coronavirus lockdowns because there are eight of living and working in close quarters.


  • packed like sardines

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