Idiom:  in question


Idiom:  in question

  1. under consideration
  2. in doubt or uncertainty

Example sentences

Definition 1:  under consideration:

  • There are two proposals in question and we hope to select one of them at today’s meeting.
  • The emails in question should never have been sent from your work account.
  • Exactly which statements are in question?
  • Right now, her references are in question but otherwise we are ready to hire her.
  • The book in question is by Ernest Hemingway.

Definition 2:  in doubt or uncertainty

  • We agree on most points but the timeline for completion is still in question.
  • Given the client work you've been doing on the side, your loyalty to this company and the position is now in question.
  • The prosecutor's conduct during the trial is in question.
  • How can my commitment to you be in question? I've always been devoted to you!

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