Idiom:  the other day


Idiom:  the other day

  • a recent time ago

Example sentences

  • The other day I saw my high school teacher and she’s doing great.
  • We got back from Europe the other day and I'm still jet lagged.
  • I cannot believe John's father died this morning—I just saw him the other day at the gym and he looked great. 
  • What do you mean we are out of milk? I bought five gallons of milk just the other day.
  • I can't believe your children are in high school. It seems like just the other day they were starting kindergarten.
  • Please collect our mail but don't worry about the plants while we are away. I watered them just the other day.
  • "Excuse me, miss. We were here the other day and there were some black cashmere sweaters on this table." "I'm sorry, sir. They went on sale over the weekend and we don't have any left."
  • That's interesting that you mention the benefits of omega-3s. The other day my doctor also recommended that I take 1,000 mg of fish oil three times a day with my meals.
  • Have you seen the office supply catalog? Our sales representative brought a new one the other day but I can't find it.
  • The other day I saw a special on "astroturfing," which is the practice of corporations or political groups disguising themselves as spontaneous, authentic, popular movements. I highly recommend you watch it on YouTube.
  • Things are going really well at school. Just the other day we had midterms and I got As on four of my exams and Bs on all the rest.


  • not long ago

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