Idiom:  yell bloody murder


Idiom:  (scream) yell bloody murder

  1. to scream really loudly (especially because of pain or fright)
  2. to protest in a loud and angry way

Example sentences

— When the thief tried to grab my bag, I yelled bloody murder and he let go and ran away.

— Don’t yell bloody murder just because you break a fingernail—I thought something seriously bad had happened to you!

— The customer screamed bloody murder at me when I told her it was too late for us to accept her return. 

— All of the parents were yelling bloody murder at the principal when they found out the teacher had showed a rated R movie in class.

— The director screams bloody murder every time we don't get the quarterly report finished in time.  

— The team is going to scream bloody murder if you make them work overtime again but refuse to give a holiday bonus.

— I wish I could go out tonight but if I don't clean my room, my parents are going to yell bloody murder

— I planned to do a natural childbirth but after 16 hours of labor I screamed bloody murder for pain relief. 


  • call out
  • cry out
  • (scream) at the top of one's lungs

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