Idiom:  wait and see


Idiom:  wait and see

  • to wait over a period of time for news or results about something
  • to stay calm and delay making an immediate decision or judgment until you have more information

Example sentences

  • I’ve submitted my novel to 20 publishers and now all I can do is wait and see.
  • Before you yell at Sharon, let's wait and see what she has to say.
  • Just wait and see—you’re going to love your job in a few weeks when you get used to it.
  • So far I've only lost four pounds on this diet but I'm going to wait and see what happens after another two months.
  • We want to invest in Africa but we need to wait and see what happens with the economy.
  • I'm not sure if changing jobs was a good idea or not. I'll wait and see I guess.
  • Wait and see how good you're going to feel after not eating sugar for a month.
  • I have no choice but to wait and see if my employer will give me a second chance after I was late again this week.
  • My kids want a dog but we told them we'll have to wait and see if they can do their chores every day for six months.
  • Micromanaging is really ineffective. Wait and see if your assistant can complete an assignment without checking on her every single day.
  • I asked my boss for the first week of June off and she told me we need to wait and see how many bookings we get the first week of May.


  • hang back
  • keep your options open
  • leave your options open
  • see which way the wind blows
  • see which way the wind's blowing

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