Idiom:  wade through (something)


Idiom:  wade through (something)

  1. to physically pass through something that restricts your movement (e.g., water, mud, a crowd of people)
  2. to read through a large amount of detailed or boring information
  3. to complete a task that involves a lot of detailed or boring information

Example sentences

— We’ve got to wade through 650 job applications we received for the program manager position.

— I had to wade through all of my photo albums to find a good photo of my grandfather for his 95th birthday celebration.

— My boss wants me to wade through all of these reports by the end of the week.

— My students complain about taking exams but we have to wade through hundreds of them during the holidays to report grades by the end of the year.

— My friends were right in front of the stage at the concert and I tried to join them but I couldn’t wade through all the people.

— The National Guard waded through the debris after the hurricane looking for survivors.

— Do not try to wade through the water during flooding. You could get swept away by the current!

— My mom wanted to leave the game 15 minutes before it ended so we wouldn't have to wade through the crowd but we refused to leave early.

— After the flash flood we had to wade through waist high water to get to the safety boat.

— What happened to you? You look like you had to wade through a swamp to get here!


  • plow through
  • toil at
  • plug away at
  • sort through

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