Idiom:  vouch for


Idiom:  vouch for something/someone

  • to say that something/someone is good, true or correct based on one's knowledge or experience

Example sentences

— Even though you didn’t see her at her desk, I can vouch for her that she arrived on time yesterday and went straight to the manager's meeting.

— I can vouch for his skills as a speaker.  He is competent, informative and engaging.

— Since the organization has closed, do you have any references who could vouch for the volunteer work you did there?

— I can vouch for that caterer. They did my sister's wedding and their menus and arrangements are fabulous.

— Can anyone vouch for this brand of hair color? It's so much more expensive than the others.

— Thanks so much for vouching for me yesterday at the committee hearing.

— Let's try to get some testimonials from previous clients who can vouch for our expertise and service.

— Unfortunately, our project manager is not in today but our accountant should be able to vouch for those figures.


  • bear witness
  • speak well of
  • lend credence to something

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