Idiom:  turn your nose up at something


Idiom:  turn your nose up at something

  • to not like something because you think it’s not good enough for you

Example sentences

— You always turn your nose up to different ethnic foods but you have no idea what you’re missing.

— Before you turn your nose up at volunteering, read about how it changed these people’s lives.

— My daughters turn their noses up at anything that's not a designer brand.

— Our kids were raised to try something first before turning their nose up so they like to eat many different types of foods.

— My son would never turn his nose up to any kind of food. He'll eat anything.

— You're such a snob. You turn your nose up at anything that's not familiar.

— How could you turn your nose up to your aunt's dinner? You're so rude and selfish!

— We're open minded because we traveled a lot when we were young and my mother didn't let us turn our noses up to new things.

— Since our son went to Yale, he's turned his nose up to his old high school friends.


  • look down on something
  • shoot something down

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