Idiom:  to date


Idiom:  to date

  • until now
  • up to the present time

Example sentences

— To date, we haven’t received any complaints about our new service.

— We've only got 15 people registered for the seminar to date but most people will register the day before.

— We haven't needed a receptionist to date but now I think we really have to consider hiring one.

— This action movie has been the biggest box office success this year to date.

— I've lost 20 pounds to date and have another 25 to lose before my high school reunion.

— Our Girl Scout troop has sold more than 15,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookie to date.

— Who's recorded the fastest marathon time to date?

— If you've only completed two assignments to date, you're unlikely to pass the class.

— What are our expenditures on office supplies to date?

— To date, we've interviewed three people for the young entrepreneurs article and we'd like to interview three more next week.

— I'm calling about my order. The confirmation said it would be sent in two different shipments but I still haven't received either package to date.


  • thus far 
  • up until now 
  • until this point

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