Idiom:  the very thing


Idiom:  the very thing

  • the exact thing needed

Example sentences

  • I was skeptical, but the vitamins the nutritionist recommended were the very thing I needed to get well.
  • His temper is the very thing that’s preventing him from being successful.

  • Looking back, getting a puppy was the very thing that helped my daughter cope after our son died in an accident.
  • The very thing I could use right now is a back massage. 
  • I think we have the very thing that you've described right over here in our small kitchen appliances department.
  • I love sunny weather but rain is the very thing that we need right now.
  • The very thing our kids need is to learn the value of money so we are giving them a small allowance to budget their own expenses.
  • Getting fired from my job with the very thing that I needed to stop drinking and partying and become serious about my life.

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