Idiom:  that's all I need


Idiom:  that's all I need / all I need is (something)

  • refers to something that you do not want or need at all
  • describes something even worse will be added to an already bad situation

Note:  This is often said in a sarcastic tone.  You can use this idiom in any person (e.g., that's all we need, all he needs).

Example sentences

— Oh, great a parking ticket. All I need is another bill!

— Please tell her I’m in a meeting for the next few hours—all I need is to listen to my mother complain to me about some stupid issue this morning.

— You take the girls to the mall.  I've got a migraine headache and all I need is to listen to them giggle and scream.

— Uh-oh, John's on the phone. All we need is another waiter to call out sick today.

— I'm running 20 minutes late already today. All I need is a traffic jam.

— I checked the weather forecast and there will be a thunderstorm this afternoon. That's all we need on the day of our picnic.

— Ugh. All I need is a crying baby sitting next to me on an 8-hour flight.

— Another complaint about Sarah? That's all we need today.

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