Idiom:  take care (of yourself)


Idiom:  take care (of yourself)

  • used in spoken English to say goodbye
  • used in written English as a closing to emails, letters, etc.

Note:  This is a very informal expression in English that you would use with friends and family.

Example sentences

  • It was great to see you, take care.
  • Take care of yourself and please send a message to let us know you arrive home safely.
  • Thanks so much for coming. Take care and give our regards to your mother.
  • "See you next week." " Okay, take care."
  • It was great talking to you, take good care.
  • "Dinner was delicious.  Sorry we have to leave so soon." "No worries, we're glad you could come. Take care now."
  • Be good at college and take care of yourself, okay?
  • "Have a good evening. I hope to see you again soon."  "Me too. Take care."

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