Idiom:  stick one’s neck out


Idiom:  stick one’s neck out

  • to take a risk

Example sentences

  • We can wait until tomorrow to return this, I’d rather pay a late fee than stick my neck out driving in this snow.
  • Thank you for sticking your neck out and bringing this to me—I hope no one saw you take it.
  • I was shocked when another girl stuck her neck out for me in class and criticized the teacher for cutting me off when I was trying to give my opinion.
  • Sorry, but I'm not going to stick my neck out and lie to protect my siblings anymore.
  • Do you really think it's wise to stick your neck out and lend your boyfriend $5,000 from your savings?
  • I'm glad I stuck my neck out and wrote directly to the CEO for a job. He called me in for an interview Tuesday.
  • My assistant is extremely loyal. She even stuck her neck out to defend me against a board member when I couldn't be at the meeting.
  • I"m glad I stuck my neck out to propose our company establish a scholarship for underprivileged kids. We need to do more to support our community.


  • go for broke
  • chance it
  • make a stab at something
  • take a chance
  • go out on a limb
  • try one's luck

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