Idiom:  (something to) call your own


Idiom:  (something to) call your own

  • something that you own or belongs to you
  • something that you have control over

Example sentences

— I have rented an apartment for 20 years but I’m getting a loan to buy a house. It's a big responsibility but I really want something to call my own.

— I know it's old and needs painting but this little cabin is finally something to call my own.

— I’ve been sailing on my parents boat for a few years and it was a wonderful feeling to finally have one to call my own.

— I had to take the bus and metro for several years before I finally had a car to call my own.

— My neighbors all have summer cabins or condos at the beach so my husband is really frustrated we don't have one to call our own.

— My daughter is always borrowing my iPad so I finally told her she needed to get one to call her own.

— Our babysitter never thought she’d actually have a townhouse to call her own so it's a really special day for her and we're excited we could help her with the down payment.


  • one's very own

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