Idiom:  put something on ice


Idiom:  put something on ice

  • delay something (e.g., a plan or idea)

Example sentences

  • We decided to put the project on ice until we hire a new project manager.
  • We put going out to dinner on ice for a few months so we can save money to buy a car.
  • We'll have to put the hiring of another administrator assistant on ice until we can secure more funding.

  • Unfortunately, my husband still isn't feeling well so we've got to put the dinner on ice and I'll give you a call when he's better.

  • Congress put the vote on gun control on ice until after the midterm elections.

  • Let's put the landscaping on ice until the weather is a little better.

  • What happened to the road repairs? Have they been put on ice again?

  • The debate has been put on ice again but no one's sure the incumbent is actually willing to discuss policy with his opponent.


  • put something on the back burner
  • set/put something aside
  • give something a rest
  • back away from something

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