Idiom:  overdo it


Idiom:  overdo it

  • to work too hard doing something that you become sick, injured or tired.

Example sentences

— Don’t overdo it with the champagne or you’ll have a terrible headache in the morning.

— overdid it at the gym yesterday and I now my muscles are so sore I can barely move.

— If you send him another text message today you're going to overdo it and annoy him.

— After I remove the cast, be careful to not overdo it walking too much the next two weeks.

— You're overdoing it by praising your son for every minor thing he does. He's going to expect and need that confirmation for every little thing in the future.

— I understand salespeople have to be persistent but this man overdid it.

— Look in the mirror. I'm not a makeup artist but I think you overdid it with the rouge.

— Something's not right. I think you overdid it with the fish sauce.


  • work your fingers to the bone
  • knock yourself out
  • grind away
  • break your back
  • burn the midnight oil
  • over the top
  • lay it on a bit thick

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